How does someone get over being hurt after a spouse has commited the act of adultery? Can you forgive?

It is easy to say just leave but what if the history between these two people is so intense and long that it is not so easy to just throw in the towel? How does someone get over the ultimate act of betrayal and learn to love and trust that person again with the passion they had before the act? How long is the healing process? Is it normal to want to know every single detail? Will the feelings of worthless go away? Is it normal for the person with whom did not cheat to feel guilty? What does the spouse who commited the act have to do to earn trust back in his favor?

I want to know the answers to these things from those who have dealt with this and survived. How long have you been together after the act of adultery and has it ever to your knowledge happened again. If you commited the act, did you feel guilty? Did you earn your right to a place in the other persons life? How did you do it?

Thanks everyone!

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