This is what my husband wrote on here earlier!!
Am I wrong for feeling this way
MY SIDE!!!!!!
yes, i did leave to go live in Maine, because my husband lives with his mother and does not want to live with his wife, he does not support me and never has. i have always paid my own way and then some. he was also cheating on me with all kinds of girls on the internet, i don’t care if its on the internet, it is still cheating( and i caught him).
as far as my daughter meeting this guy out there, yes she did. and for the little time that they were together they thought they were in-love. she has 2 kids of her own, and he has 3 kids of his own.
while i was out there in Maine, me and my husband tried to work things out, so i came back to kentucky to be with him.
the guy my daughter was with wanted so badly to leave Maine, said he loved my daughter and wanted to be with her in kentucky. so we all came back, well about 2 weeks into us being back, my husband never did attempt to move back in,SO when he says he moved out HOW HE NEVER MOVED IN! so thats where our arguments started. my daughter started talking to her her husband and then they ended up back together. i was very angry with my daughter for doing this knowing her relationship with her husband, but also more angry because she brought this guy here with 3 kids and then left him.
i couldn’t bring myself to kick him and his 3 kids out, so i told him he could stay until he gets on his feet. he lived with me for about a month total, but his 2 weeks living without my daughter and just him and his kids, was not working out, the kids were constantly crying, he was not picking up after them. and which caused me to constantly leave my own house,because i was going nuts over all this mess that was in my house. and by the way i do live with my sister and we have lived together for many years. it makes it easier to share the expense, since my husband would not live with me to help support me his wife.
well after giving it a couple of days, i sat this guy down and told him, that he and his kids would have to go back to Maine, that i couldn’t take the living arrangements like this. he said, no he’s not going back to Maine, we called shelters out here, they were full and would not take a man with 3 kids, but they would take a single man. he tried calling friends, but nothing was working out for him to go anywhere. so he came to me, and asked me if i would take the kids while he goes to the shelter.i had a very hard time thinking about this, because my kids are grown and this was suppose to be my time enjoying the rest of my years, and also the thought of i had only known him and his kids for 3 months now. yes, i felt stuck, i felt sad for the kids, and i also felt angry, cause all this was happening to me and i didn’t ask for this. i made my decision the next day, after i really looked at these kids and them climbing up on my lap, and me looking into their eyes. i just melted, and said yes, now of’course i’m on disability and now i had to find out how do i go about supporting them and taking them to the doctor and putting them in school. i called and found out i have to have guardianship in order to do this, so me and him went to city hall and he signed for me to have guardianship. with this i was able to go down to the welfare office to sign them up for medical and food stamps since i am not a blood relative there is no cash for them. so i have bought them things out of my own money, and the father did buy them diapers for the month and spent the rest of his stamps for food for them.
so my husband says, i’m doing this for the money,WHAT MONEY!!!!!!!!!
my husband has blamed my sister for our marriage failing, he has blamed our daughter for our marriage failing, and now he wants to blame me for taking 3 little kids in to give them a home. he has not once blamed his self for his own marriage failing. it failed because of his cheating, living with his mother still and constantly lying to me. yes, i am the dumb one here cause i keep on taking him back thinking he is gonna change. he says he can not live with me because of these 3 little kids, but yet he did not live with me to help raise his own kids, and did not help the other kids of his that are by different women. we have argued ever since i came back to kentucky on march 4th and HE has called me all kinds of names and left bad messages. i have decided FINALLY to listen to my kids and not take him back and to file for divorce as soon as i can afford it.
MY QUESTION IS???????????????

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