I understand when your married its hard to leave an unfaithful spouse?

but i can not put up with someone cheating on me. I found out i have been cheated on this is after we broke up and it is the WORST FEELING i have ever felt. it felt like i was literally dieing inside. I suspected something was going on when we were together and that added to the break up. As much as I loved that man and would of done anything for I still couldnt be with him because i do believe once a cheater always a cheater.

Ive recently read posts and i hear people saying its your fault ur man cheated and they stay with them. What is this world coming to? How is it anyones fault someone strays? i was incredibly unhappy at the end of my relationship but i never cheated. That is not an excuse and the person who cheats is a loser, who would do that to someone they love. I understand people make mistakes but how can you live everyday thinking and wondering "Are they cheating on me again" how do you emotionally and physically be with someone like that how dont you just die ?
unless it bothers people less then other people, but if you truly loved that person how do u go on being with them when they did that to you? seriously i tried getting suspicious behavior out of my head when iw as with him and it was impossible. how do you do it if youve done it at all?

as much as you loved that person do you leave them because you cant handle the fact of them being with someone els ebehind your back ?

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