a question for people who are going through a divorce or are divorced?

when you started dating, became engaged, got married to your spouse, etc.. did you feel like youd be with them forever? did you want to change anything about them? did you think youd ever cheat on them or they on you if that was the reason for the divorce? i mean i know these seem like ridiculous questions but i just cant imagine my fiancee and i ever running into these kinds of problems because of the way we are now. im young and yes, i will admit probably SO naive, but im just curious as to how people felt when they went into their marriage? did you feel as though this was the one forever or were there doubts or did you rush into the marriage? etc
all of these answers are so great! thank you guys very much. its nice to know that there are still people out there pulling for happy and healthy marriages when all you see and hear these days are depressing stories about unhappy marriages and divorces and most people will just say "well it happens" so thank you everyone!

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