My Ex-girlfriend cheated on her current boyfriend with me two days ago need advice.?

me and my ex were together for a year and two month we have a baby together and i still love her very much. we kinda had a rough period when the baby was first born and broke up and her current boyfriend who she dated two years back started talking to her the were together for two years but he cheated on her multiple times but she forgave him (just giving details) she says she dint want me to say anything to anyone cause she loves him. but why would she do it in the first place if she did? does she still love me? oh yea we were not drinking or anything when it happened completely sober. so what should i do Im really confused right now
Oh yea me and her hang out a lot just by are self and she has told me a few times that she still loves me and she gets weird when i talk about this other girls i have been talking to.

2 hours ago
i didnt cheat im single she did

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