I'm curious….. Women and Men.. How much would you take before leaving your significant other?

This has really nothing to do with my life lol But I just been seeing where alot of females was giving advice to others about leaving if they’re spouse or bf/gf was cheating… For the married people.. . I thought marriage was for better or for WORSE?! There is ways to get through most everything that could happen if you truely love the other person. The only way I would leave would be if he would abuse the kids (if I had some) or me otherwise it’s part of the worse. But that’s just my opinion. I just wanna know how other people feel about this. Preferably people who are over the age of 18…
I’m 20 and not married… and I have been through boyfriends (now ex’s them breaking up with me NOT the other way around) cheating on me.
*raises eyebrow* I said NOT INCLUDING ABUSE!

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