Would this cause you to think that you’re spouse is/has cheated and lead to a divorce?

This question is for men/women or couples. Recently my wife had a breast reduction and it appears that she just rushed to get it done after constantly saying that she wanted to wait and lose the weight and find the right doctor to ensure that she didn’t look "butchered or hacked up" after the fact.

She got the surgery a few months ago, but it seemed as though there was some kind of outside influence causing her to get it quickly. It almost seems as some guy was telling her that she would look better with smaller breasts, even though that’s not the case, she still hasn’t lost the weight and the relief that the surgery was supposed to provide it didn’t.

Trust me people I’m not jealous or paranoid and I’ve never felt this way before, but her breasts don’t look that good, they’re squared shaped now. She’s constantly complaining about how small they are now, her nipples hurt, they’re uneven. I mean if you know that your husband or wife really likes something why would you take it away from them or stop doing it? I’ve always joked with her saying that if she had a reduction I would divorce her, but when I saw that she was serious I even went to the doctors and they all said the same thing that I did. Lose the weight first so that you will know what you’re working with before the surgery so that the doctor will know how much breast tissue to remove.

I don’t know if this sounds selfish, controlling or what, but I feel that she’s let someone else influence her decision and then after it was done the person was so happy with it. We’ve never had infidelity before, but she has been known to let people influence her to make some questionable decisions.

I just want some honest opinions and please be nice because I’m not a control freak or a chauvinist pig, but something doesn’t seem right so
I’m just asking for opinions.

FYI we’ve been together for almost 11 years and she’s 36 years old and I’m 33.

Thanks to all that have taken the time to answer this question. Let me add some more detail. First, not all men like women with big breasts, I am a breast man through and through.

Second, she’s still having the same pain that she did before the surgery and this has been over 4 months ago.

Third, I have been extremely supportive of her in everything that she’s done even when she hit well over 200 lbs, I was like honey let’s go and work out because I need to lose weight myself, but it appears that she didn’t want to follow certain doctor’s orders.

Fourth, I’m not sure if my insurance company will pay for another surgery and quite frankly I’m not sure if I want to even deal with it again because she probably won’t have enough left to work with.

Last, but not least I’ve spoken to her about it, but I will express to her face to face.how I feel, I really felt that they were fine. Since I’m a breastman it’s cool that they hang. Isn’t that what natural breasts do?

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