Is my husband hiding information, etc.. and how can you tell if he is cheating on me or looking to cheat on m?

After being married for 10 years and 2 kids, I really believe my husband is either looking or is cheating on me. Not only that i really feel like he hides everything thats about himself and about his friends. I’m never allowed to look in his Iphone or know his paswords to his email. Why? I dont mind that he does the same. I have broken into his email once recently and found that he had contact with his ex-girlfriend, he had hisself and his information down for looking to date someone, he had numerous email accounts that i didnt even know about. He went wild that i did this. He claimed that i was crazy until i showed him the accounts. Then he claimed he hasnt been in those accounts for years. I should him the last email he sent, it was this year. I felt and still feel like he is doing something but not letting me know what and still looking for another spouse/fling/etc….In a marriage is it ok to not know about certain things of your significant other, is it right to know at least he’s friends numbers. I dont even know them at all……Help me please I’m 31 and i dont want to continue this marriage if i feel like he is still up to his old tricks. It wasnt until i proved him wrong that he then said i was sorry but if i bring it up he denies it like all of a sudden he has no idea what im saying……Please help… I have 2 kids and i want them to have a good life with or without him, he is a great dad, but when it comes to me I’m just here taking up space.???Any info. would greatly be apprectiated.

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