What to do about my cheating wife?

My wife had a brief affair with a married man she had long had a desire for a while back. It ended – as far as I know – about a year ago. Just to be sure – and I hate doing this – I checked her cellphone for any sign that they were still in contact. I havn’t seen any messages or record of calls made from or to this man by my wife.

Recently, my wife has asked me for a separation because – as she says – she wants her freedom and the fact that she does not have the same feelings for me as before. (We have been married for 6 1/ 2 years – we have a 5 1/2 year old son )

About 2 weeks ago I checked her cellphone and found that she has been in contact with a man I have never heard of before. She sends and receives message and calls from/to him. She has even ended one message to him with "your darling" .

My question is should I confront her ? Or don’t even bother since she evidently wants a separation from me. Just for the record I have never cheated on her .

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