Several months ago i suspected my husband was cheating on me with a coworker things got really bad and we started having fights almost everyday. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on…well I confronted the cowroker she of course denied it and said they were just friends that text and that she would stop, I informed her husand as well because the texting was obsessive and it did stop after that. Well come to find out my husband was having an affair but tit wasn’t with this chick it was some other chick I didn’t even suspect. They both said it was a one time thinking and they didn’T have sex…blah blah blah. So all this time I knew something was going on just had the wrong chick…errr so mad just typing this. So here’s my questions obviously my husband is a jerk and he apologizing now saying he’s so sorry blah blah blah…I still love him unfortunatly and really want to save our marriage but I told him it would not happen over night because the pain I feel is quite possibly the worst feeling in the world. I don’t wish this to my worst enemy! Now this wknd my husband informaed me his boss is having a BBQ for all the employees and their spouses and families. They work in a small office so of course this chick I initally thought he was messing around with will be there with her husband and kids and I’m not looking forward to that. Things are not okay with my husband and me right now he’s trying but I still cannot forgive and move forwarded not sure If I;ll ever be able too, but my question is should I go to the BBQ or not?? I don’t want this chick to think I’m threated by her since I did have a confrontation with her but I don’t want to have an awkward evening and it’s on my birthday to top it off..Should I go or should I have him tell his boss we can’t make it? Or just let him go by himself.

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