how to press charges against someone harassing you yet you don't know whom this person is..?

There is someone whom I do not know that has been harassing my husband and I for some time now since Jul or Aug. He, at first, claimed to just be someone who helped ‘innocent 3rd partys’ become aware of their spouses infedilty. Here’s the thing, I have never actually had an affair or comitted adultery. Which leads me to believe this person is perhaps someone I may have spoken to over the summer and may have given the impression I was seperating my husband. back in the summer, when things were rocky between my husband and I and I was actually looking into divorce, I sought out comfort in other men online who were in the same boat- biggest mistake to date.

Anyway, its got to be one of them.

Yesterday, while I was out Christmas shopping with my family ( we both have Wed off) and took our daughters to see Santa at the mall, my husband gets a text from the ‘ quincy morgan’ private investigator guy. It states " I have proof your wife has cheated, check your email"

So, we sit down in the food court at the mall and try to figure this out. The email stated he had intercepted a conversation and this is proof that I had cheated and plan on getting a room with a guy at a hotel tonight ( last night). It was a conversation of a guy and supposedly me talking all cyber like and making plans to meet at a local hotel. It wasn’t me. Someone somehow got in to my aol account ( which I rarely use by the way) and pretended to be me at the exact time I was out shopping with my husband. I just dont get it. So, obviously, this wasn’t me, because the conversation had a timestamp on it during which I was shopping with my husband, so my husband didn’t buy it. This investigator " Quincy" guy, won’t leave me alone. We texted him back, this entire thing is fabricated, we have been together all day, and if you are somehow involved in this, we will find a way to press charges.

He then somehow managed to send my sister in law a text stating I was planning on getting a room and having an affair.

This is harrassment, right? Do I have a leg to stand on? How do I make this stop? How do I find out who it is? The texts came from a weird number code thing.. and the email I have for him is a yahoo address.
RY thank you. " readnotify" ? This is very interesting.. I will look into it, thank you.

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