Should you find a 2nd spouse if yours dies???


I have a very interesting question here and was wondering what the public thought about this. OK, If you are married to your SOULMATE, your one and only true love, what happens if they die unexpectingly (at any age). I always felt that I would stay with them in spirit. As if somehow they are still with me and we will meet again. I would consider seeing someone else cheating and not right! I am still in love with my SOULMATE right? Also, what is the definition of a SOULMATE? Think about it. If my wife died, even if I didnt have any kids, I would feel that I would never ever see another woman, but she doesn’t agree and this is really tearing me apart! Can someone please help me out here? Your thoughts on the topic and also how do I deal with this knowing that she would maybe. She said it would take a LONG time, but it is still really bothering me. I feel she doesn’t love me the same way I do. She is my ONE and ONLY, I could never date or be with anyone else.

To some of your responses….thank you for the responses so far, but here’s the thing. Do any of of you feel that once you die, you will be reunited with your spouse? I do, and this is why I cannot think about dating someone else in between if she were to die early.

Also… to the people who said "there is no reason you should live alone"…. so does that mean when a couple is 77 years old and one dies, the other should go looking again?

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