Is he thinking of cheating? Should I divorce him?

I have had problems with my husband and now I’m at an impasse should I divorce him? Is he thinking of cheating?

Recently I checked his myspace to see what a few mutual friends are up to (I have permission to do so) and noticed during these few weeks recently that he has been staying with a friend he seem to have decided to contact his ex GF and even went as far as giving her his cell. Now she is in the service in at the time she hadn’t read them or message him back. Now I’m not usually the jealous type, but when a girl runs around saying she will steal your guy and keeps hitting on him after you hook up with him I tend to get a bit pissy.
Back story if needed:
Married 6 yrs together 7, have 5 kids together, lived separately 4 times now. Every time has been during a pregnancy or after it. He has admitted to feeling trapped and wanting freedom while retaining the whole happy marriage and family. He has admitted to lying to me about work or school so he could hangout with his friends (I don’t really know). Several times I had a gut feeling he might be cheating because he lied so much and because of who his friends kept company with. He once said his Best friends sister was drunk and put her hand down his shirt but that he pushed her off. I asked if that was all why would he wait months to tell me? One of his so-called friends said something that got around to me that the reason he was showering before he came over was cause he was cheating (he said it was because he was drinking and smoking behind my back). Till this day I can’t believe him because he lied so many times.
We are currently in agreement that maybe we aren’t good as spouses but as friends like before we were married. We both love each other but we argue ALL the time and its very upsetting. He finally noticed his pattern not being supportive of us and bailing when things aren’t going his way. However he still wants to retain the physical part of our marriage, I wouldn’t mind but it would continue the endless cycle we are in. Now that I have said no, and we have argued REALLY bad this time I’m afraid he might be thinking of getting his needs met elsewhere. I can deal with the divorce, it seems like the best solution for all of us. However I will be really hurt if he can’t even wait until the papers are submitted and finalized.

How can I know if he is going to? Should I get the divorce over with?
I want an unbiased opinion because I don’t want to make a decision white we are arguing or because I am scared of him cheating.
Jeez how is hte number of kids relevant? Also I can’t have anymore kids. I had surgery, I got pregnant on 3 different kinds of birth control (pill, shot, patch) they didn’t work so I went the permanent route.

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