I think, No I'm positive my dad is cheating on my mom, What should I do ?

Well to start off please don’t give me the it’s none of your business, it’s between your parents, leave it alone answers, because it obviously is my business if my father is willing to bring another women into our life it is obviously my business. Ok so I’m 16 and I have a 7 year old sister. For as long as I can remember my parents have always been unhappy or arguing, they don’t ever see eye to eye. My father moving out of the house has become a regular thing, he always comes back a month or so after. Me and my sister have learned to not let this bother us. Past November I ran into some trouble with the law because of my bad friend choosing abilities (high school freshmen hanging out with seniors) this caused a great strain in my mothers and fathers relationship, or what was one. My father moved out in November and it’s the beginning of July and he hasn’t come back home although he still spends nights over, both my parents act the same as if they were living together, they’re so hardheaded that they won’t forgive each other. I’ve taken full responsibilities for my actions and I know I played a major part on this situation.

Well here are some reasons I believe my dad is cheating :

1. Lately (as in 2 months) my dad has begun to take an interest in me and my sister he takes us shopping takes us to the movies, basically anywhere we want to go with no if’s, ands or but’s. He only does this the first few weeks he leaves the house to try and cheer us up.

2. He’s changed the way he dresses and looks, he spends more time getting ready and buying expensive clothes (believe me my dad is the most FRUGAL man in the world)

3. A few days ago I went on one of these "shopping sprees" with my dad and sister and I noticed how protective he was of his blackberry. Every time I asked to use it he would click some buttons and clearly tell me not to look into his personal stuff.

4. That same day he received a call and began talking Spanish which he barely ever does unless it’s with my mom, which it wasn’t because I know my mom’s voice, he also spoke really quite as if not wanting us to hear. I was able to hear a few snippets of what he said which included a lot of "mhmmm" and "so your staying home tonight".

5. Whenever me or my mom call my dad late at night (9-10 pm) he never picks up his company phone is off and his personal phone just rings and rings.

6. He recently let us know that he was now working over-night on call which is rare because I remember him doing that the first year he began working with the company, which he explained to us then that when you start out in the company that’s the first thing they make you do and that was 5 years ago, so that’s odd that they’d put someone with such high rank "over-night".

7. He once asked me and my sister half-joking if we would mind if he had a girlfriend my little sister took it as a joke and laughed it off, me ? not so much.

8. On another occasion the same woman that I heard him speak to on the phone, called him. They spoke for a few minutes and he was like I’m with my daughters, a few minutes later he got a few text messages that he promptly deleted. An hour later I asked for his phone and checked his recent calls "Carolina" was on it a few times not an alarming number of times but still made me suspicious. Coincidently I recognized "Carolina’s" phone number being dialed with the *67 (used to make a private call) this freaked me out because well on of the main reason people use *67 is to find out what people are doing, specifically people you care about i.e. boyfriends, girlfriend, spouses.

9. AND MOST IMPORTANT – tonight at around 11 pm me my sister and my mom got home and as we had promised my dad we called him as soon as we got here. The phone kept on ringing and no one picked up and when my mom finally got an answer there was something not right, I kept on hearing my mom saying, who are you with, why can’t you talk, why are you talking so low, my dad was answering her with these lame excuses such as I’m working, at a house, the customer will hear me (which made no sense cause "over-night on call’s" are usually commercial calls). My mom finally hung up and said nothing more.

I might be over-reacting but I have a gut feeling I’m right. I don’t want to be right but if I am I can’t just keep this to myself forever it’s hurting me way too much I spoke to my eldest cousin who went through this when she was 13 she said to speak to my dad she also said that I have to realize that it’s been 8 months since my dad has been home, me and my mother let him go alone for to long these might be some of the consequences that come with it. I honestly don’t know what to do, this is taking a toll on me I feel like it’s all my fault and I fear I can’t do anything to fix this. I need someone to help me make the right choice whichever it may be.

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