Do I sense a double standard here?

If a person asks a question on here saying that he cheated on his spouse, then the people here give polite yet useful advice to the person on how to deal with the situation properly.

But if he were to ask a question about a one-night-stand, then almost everyone jumps down his throat and flame him for even mentioning the word one-night-stands, much less than what they actually hate about it.

What is wrong with people here? You know that cheating is actually the "wrong" deed here, don’t you – because if you cheat with someone, then you are hurting your significant other who probably loves and cares about you. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a one-nighter as long as the people involved are mature adults who are well educated about sex, and are aware of the consequences & of course nobody is cheating.

So why this double standard here? In fact, I would teach people not to cheat first, rather than brainwash them into thinking that one-night-stands are immoral.

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