I find waiting to have sex till marriage is kind of stupid, part 2! Read!!!?

Okay so i posted this question a little while ago and i got a ton of negative responses towards me. Just for saying my opinion.

My statement was i find waiting to have sex till marriage is kind of stupid. Now before you judge let me give you the reasons…

1. If people only have one sexual partner they`re more likely to cheat on their spouse. Just because people get bored even if they are in love. They want to know what it feels like to do it with other people.
it just how it is.

2. You could end up being really wasted in college or something and losing to some random guy! That would be horrible!

3. Even if you do lose it to your husband or wife they still could not be the right person for you. and you could totally regret that.
Or they could cheat on you.

4. isnt your honeymoon suppose to be a fun, romantic night?
Well if you`re a virgin you`re gonna be nervous and scared and its not gonna be fun. its going to be akward!

My opinion is when you are younger and in long term relationships and you feel like having sex with that person is the right thing to do. I think you should do it. Get some of your young wild behavior out. Thats what helps us mature. Learning from our pasts, learing from our mistakes.
So when you finally get married you can say well i had fun when i was younger but now i feel like its time for me to settle down with the person i love & want to spend the rest of my life with.
& i also think if you feel like someones the right person for you dont have sex with them. Save your first time having sex with that person for your wedding night.

But if you are a strong believer in religion im not bashing you at all.
Thats your believes, its none of my business.
& its good you`re standing up for what you believen in.

But with this statement i never wanted to start drama.
I just wanted to state my opinion saying hey everyone says you should wait till marriage, but maybe theres other options.
Cause if you notice people are always bashing on people who have sex before marriage. But its a natural thing that everyone does. You only live life once. So live it out!!!

& tell me your opinions
& please dont call me bad names i didnt do anything to you i just stated my opinion.

Thank you 🙂

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