Why men cheat – Infidelity (in Hindi) -Pt2. – by Dr. Gitanjali Sharma

What are signs of your man cheating on you. Why men cheat, Talk show on Indian men in Hindi where callers call in with thier problems in marital life. Dr. Gitanjali Sharma (Marriage & Relationship counselor in delhi) explains not all men cheat, but if they do then there is a reason behind it. Find out with signs or behaviour of your husband if he is cheating on you. How you can bring him back closer to you. Cheating can be for emotional comfort also, so if your marriage is not Marriage is an institution where monogamy is expected in Indian marriages. No matter whatever the reason could be, if you love him & he cares for you then you may make your marriage a success. Divorce is not the only solution if your marriage is not going well, there may be communication problems which can be resolved if both partners can learn how to understand needs of each other. www.FamilyMarriageCounselling.com

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