Is my wife cheating on me with a coworker?

Frist, she stopped wearing her wedding ring in July. Hasn’t worn it since. says she took it off and put it in her drawer and now it’s missing. Second, last month I overheard my daughter telling her friends that her mom cheated on me. My daughter said she was with her mom when she called some guy up and asked him to meet her at a local park. My wife took my daughter and son with her to the park, met the guy and all four went to the mall. The kids went one way and the adults the other way. My daughter did not admit to me she was lying when I asked her about it in front of her mother later. Third, I found a love note from some guy in my wife’s car. He was talking about how much he missed her. She said it was a prank note left by some coworkers but I found it folded neatly in her center console. If it was truly a prank note wouldn’t she have crumpled it up and tossed it them. It looked like a keepsake to me, something she pulled out from time to time to read.
Fourth: I found a bunch of penis photos on my wife’s cell phone. They were from men, her coworkers. Again, if they were jokes wouldn’t she have simply deleted them by now. I think she’s saving them to look at them. Finally, on Sunday afternoon while looking for some paperwork I found a note my wife had written. It started with her talking about how she and he can flirt with each other across the rooms with only their eyes and no one else know it. She then explains in great detail how she planned to give this person a BJ, every lick every touch, every thing. Now, I ask you, am I overreacting or is she cheating?
Oh yeah, gotta add one last thing: on Saturday she told me she had a "bladder infection" and she needed to go to a doctor. Hmmm…. is that what they call it these days.
She says it’s all in my head and she denies everything. In fact, she said she was writing the dirty letter to me to "spark" our relationship. Hmmm….

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