Would I be considered a good or ideal girlfriend? Or is there something I should change?

I’m in a very troubled relationship….it’s basically ended. But I want to know, did I do something wrong to deserve what has happened. I was cheated on. But in the 3 years of this relationship, I have been caring, considerate, respectful, loving, loyal. I’d do anything to make him happy. Anytime he needed something, I was there. When he first met me, he was nothing, broke, no job, no confidence, not really caring about his appearance. But I encouraged him to do better. I helped to build him up. I even helped him with his job search. I taught him how to write a good resume. When he was sick, I stood by him, took care of him. I’m jealous, but normal. I’m not extreme. I let him talk to who he wanted, have friends, live his normal life, as long as he was faithful to me. In the last couple of months, we have not talked everyday. In fact, most of our relationship we didn’t. Because for 9 months of it, he was in army training to be an officer, and I know, he only had weekends off. I accepted it, and was very understanding. So typically, when things were great and he was free, we’d talk every 2 or 3 days. Lately, we talk once every 7-10 days. Mostly because he has been traveling. I never demanded a lot from him…I never asked for him to call me everyday. Now, he is successful, has a good paying job, is stylish (I gave him this make over) and is confident. Life couldn’t be better. I’m not trying to say I am perfect. But I only questioned him, if I felt something was wrong…and for most of the relationship I trusted him, and never checked his phone, never needed or even thought about reading his emails, or asked about the girls he was friends with. I just trusted him, and I left it to that. He once told me, I would maybe stalk him one day, and call his family or something and ruin his life…which was strange. Some women do this…I’m not one of them.

So what did I do wrong? Am I a bad girlfriend? I was not clingy…but you need your guy to give you some time, at least to show he cares and thinks about you. He is the first guy, that I felt, if he was broke, had nothing, and was living on the street, I’d be right beside him. I don’t care what he has…just who he is.

So tell me, so I know for the future…should I change myself…become less caring, respectful, loyal, and less truthful? Will this help me keep a boyfriend or spouse from cheating on me???
To clarify…he was looking for other jobs…and so he was applying for jobs. Then he decided to go into the army. That’s why he the decided to be an officer. He is not from the US, so you can take a 9 month training course to be an army officer.

I didn’t try to "change him." I didn’t care what he wore…but he asked me to help him find a new look. I liked him the way he was before…He wanted a make over. He asked me to help him look for a job. So I did.

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