Question on religion and chances.?

Ok, now I’m not trying to start a big religious thing but I just had some thoughts as I read through Yahoo Answers. My first question is about God. I do not believe in God or anything of the sort and I’m fine with it so please respect that and don’t give me a whole conversion speech. But my question is as time goes on if it was exposed to the 100th percentile that God never existed and all you have believed was false would it crumble your world or would you be able to continue on? On the other side of it I’d also like to ask if it turned out the other way where they discovered 100% that God existed (Don’t know how) would those who did not believed yet performed good deeds go to hell and those who devoted themselves to God yet did bad things (rape, murder, cheating on spouse) in life be saved? Would he take the rapist who devoted his life to God or would he save the Atheist who did not show any love to God, yet helped people whenever possible. I’m just interested on peoples thoughts.

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