I heard my wife cheating over the phone while talking to her?

I have been going with this girl for about 7yrs and been married for almost 2. we have had a pretty good relationship for a while but since we don’t live together because she’s going to college and we live 1hr apart its been kinda hard. But the problem is that one night I was talking to her on the phone she told me that she was in bed and I didn’t notice any back ground noise. Then I heard her door open (it squeaks) I didn’t really pay attention then she started to talk funny like someone was messing with her and her voice began to become hesitant and I kept hearing a sucking sound and could tell that she wasn’t alone. then a couple min later it st oped and she was normal again. I was Very suspicious about it so I started to listen more carefully then she started to hesitate her words again and would emphasis on certain words in our conversation like yeah and uh uh. and I was getting Little paranoid so I told her that I was going to go to the bathroom and would be right back she said ok and I put her on mute and listened in to see what was up. within 3 sec I heard the phone being put down and she started breathing heavy and shortly after I could tell that she had an orgasm which I could tell see was trying to cover up I kept listening and the I heard a guy start breathing hard and her moaning real low and the bed was squeaking and then sounded like he came.I was so pissed I couldn’t be live it I said hello 2 times before She said hello and she was concerned how many times I said it.I came right out asking her if she like that he was banging her and she immediately denied it.And her excuse for all the Noise was because of the fan and that she was tired and fell asleep and had a dream,I drove to her house and 1hr away at 3:00am to catch them be he was gone. I searched her room and the hole thing smelled like sex,there was signs of sex on her breath and hands and there was clean up shirts on the floor next to the bed which were still damp. I check her closet and found another clean up hidden in there to she had her pillow cases in the dryer but you could still see the stains.she couldn’t even look me in the face with a strait face and say nothing happened. Right now she is up set with me accusing her of cheating and cussing at her and wants to take a break so she can focus more on school. I told her that I want to work this out but she is trying to turn this around on me that Im the bad guy for calling her names and accusing her of thins. But all the signs of sex were there and I heard it. What should I do should I try and make this work or would it be point less or what can I tell her I love her but didn’t expect this. thanks for any impute

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