Husband wants to go active duty!!!?

My husband was active duty but is in the national guard right now and isn’t working any other job. He doesn’t feel like he’s doing anything purposeful so he wants to go active duty next year. I know if he does go, he will get deployed and I was deployed once already and I know all about what goes on during deployment that non military spouses don’t know about.

I’ve expressed all these feelings to him about how I’m not going to move our children all over the place just so he can be happy. I understand he feels like he needs to support us, but he can do any other thing besides going active duty. A job is a job, you’re not suppose to like it as long as it pays for your bills. That’s what hobbies are for. He still just keeps complaining about how much he hates his life and how much he wants to go active duty again. What the heck am I suppose to do if he does decide to go and gets deployed. ( I’ve seen with my own eyes of all the cheating spouses’ and I will not have it be done to me)
He hated being in active duty when he first joined. How is the military any different now? I am trying to be supportive and I did compromise. I comprimosed my f***** family. He promised he wouldn’t take me far from my family cause he has NO family to help us with anything, but 6 months into marriage, all of a sudden they live too far to visit. I het to me my family maybe if i’m lucky once a month and I have to fight with him to do just that!!!

I don’t believe he’s going in just to cheat, but it is super easy access for it cause no one cares if you’re married or not in the military. I do trust him, but only Jesus can really resist from Satan himself.

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