Questions about marriage in general…but being married to a cop specifically?

I guess this question is more for a spouse of a cop or a cop. But I would like some insight to marriage as well.

So I am 23 years old, and if all goes to plan, I will be a cop shortly. I have been dating this girl (also 23) who is wonderful, in every way, and I could totally see myself settling down with her and raising a family. I don’t plan on getting engaged for a few years (maybe 27/28) and shes cool with that.

I know that most marriages end in divorce now a days, and especially if one of the two people are police officers. I dont want to be another statistic (both of our parents are still together by the way). I am not a big drinker and I dont take my issues at work out on her.

My question is…

Being a spouse of a cop…

what are some things you wish he/she did differently?
Do you regret marrying a cop? Why?
Is there things he/she does that drives you nuts?
How do you deal with the long hours?
How does he/she deal with the amount of stress they go through? Do they take it out on you?
What does he/she do to try to make up the amount of long hours,etc.
Has having him/she not there in your life led you to consider, or actually cheat (is it to make up for not having him/she there)?

My girlfriend is a teacher so she would get out of work around 4 i guess, but in all liklihood, i will work 4-12, so it would be hard to see eachother on days im not off.

I want to be a great husband and father, but I also want to fulfil my lifelong dream of being a cop…so im open to anything anyone needs to say.

Please offer me any advice on marriage as well. What makes things work between two people?

While I dont take things out on her, I can be very stubborn though. Also, I prefer not to tell her my problems. I have always been that way (got it from my dad). I mean, anything that happens to me that causes me stress, I would much rather keep it to myself then have her offer help (although I am truly working on that. I try to tell her when things are on my mind (between us) instead of keeping it inside me and making her guess whats wrong haha).

I appreciate you taking the time to read and answer.

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