Its hard to know if someone really cares, do you believe in true love?

Its hard to know if some one really cares about you. I could be married for 5 years with 3 kids to come and find out that my husband has a secret life and hes gay. Im not saying thats what happened its just an example.

I know that doesnt mean that love doesnt exist in that situation, but in the midst of it all, who would really sit down and think well as long as he truly loves me?

It feels like everyone now-a-days only care about sex, and they can look you in your eyes and tell you how they feel or at least just what they are saying to get you to go to bed with them.

Tell me how its possible that some people could be together for years and one spouse cheats the whole time, either giving his heart to the other or neither.

Does this give me a reason to be afraid to fall inlove, and how could i be so afraid and yet i crave for it so badly?

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