Is my wife cheating on me?

I need a non bias answer to a very serious situation! I call it serious because there is a 3 year old little boy and a 7 year old beautifal girl involved. Okay! Here it is! My wife and I have been together for 8 years now and she is 26 and I am 37. Yes she is 11 years younger than I am. When we first started hooking up it got serious real fast and we jumped into a relationship with commitments. Early on there were games being played. She and I would argue and it would end up with her leaving me for a weekend or a night. I heard rumors that she was with her ex-husband at the time so I would react by playing games on her by going to bars and trying to hook up. I ended up hooking up with my ex-girlfriend. I admitted what I did when we were on these so called breaks, thinking she would admit to the rumors of being with her ex-hubby, but she never owned up to it. She held what I admitted to against me for a very long time but eventually let it go, so I thought. Once my daugther was born the games stopped! We concentrated on family while having disputes here and there, but eventually led to another break up, when she was preagnant with my son. During this break I refused to go out and be stupid, because of the last break we had and I heard no rumors that she was out messing around, so we ended up back together. Since then we have had our ups and downs but recently she has been acting real strange.
Okay here is the situation! She has been picking fights with me and leaving the house. Sometimes she doesn’t even pick a fight, she just leaves the house. She stays gone for like an hour or two then comes home. Our love life has died down also. She used to complain that I don’t come on to her enough, but recently I have been coming on to her and she has rejected me and tells me it is because it is still that time of month. For two weeks she bleeds? I find that unusual. This is the way it has been for the past month and it was getting worse with her staying out for 3 hours and sometimes 4. She is getting some of "Me Time" she says. So now here is the final conclusion.
Mothers Day weekend I go to get some "Me time" and she seems upset about it. I was just wanting to go watch the UFC fights. She seemed real down so I invited her and she turned me down and told me that I didn’t really want her going with me. I told her that I would rather her go and she puts a sudden grin on her face and tells me to go have a good time and she is going to stay home with the kids and visit with her Dad. Her Dad gets there and I leave. One hour later my Daughter calls me and says Mommy left with one of her friends. It was the girl down the street. I talk to Her Dad and he said that he is watching the kids because she left upset with me. She didn’t take her cell phone so now I am really freaking out. About an hour goes by and she calls me and tells me she went to the grocery store with her friend, but she is going to stay in the rest of the night. The next day is Mothers day and I pamper her while she complains about everything and rushes me to do what ever she wants, because it is her day. I bent over backwards to give her the best Mothers day ever! By the end of the day she tells me that it was a perfect day and she even calls her friends and Sister to brag how she was a princess. The next day I kiss her goodbye as I leave to work and what happens next you won’t believe!
An hour after I leave she calls me and tells me she loves me and that she is going to take a shower and get up. I thought she hung the phone up but she didn’t. I try to talk to her because I can hear wind from outside and what sounds like voices. I listen closer and it is her and some guy talking about things that are inside of my house. I recently through out some clothes and displayed some of my knives and she was mentioning my clothes to him and asking if he needed any. He said that he was a size 36 and he couldn’t fit in any. She laughed and said," You aren’t a size 36." He laughed and asked about what a knife was for, and she said,"To stab my husband with." he replied with,"That is sick." Then I heard something which sounded like kissing noises, smacking or sucking. At these times there was no talking. He asked her something I couldn’t make out but she replied with," My husband is banging the local tramp in the neighborhood." I heard another more comotion and movement and she asked him why he didn’t say hello to her last night when he drove by. She then said," you don’t want to talk to me when my husband is home hunh?" He kept being cold in his tone while she was being eager to throw me under the bus to get his attention towards her. I hear more wind and then the phone line cutts off.
I am at a loss on what to do, so I call her immediately and she refuses to pick up! I call her back to back for the next 10 minutes. She finally texts me with " What

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