Polygamist: brainwashed or just not educated like us?

You read and you watch the news on tv about it.
We all hear the opinions of the editors and the news host.
They talk about the women and children being brainwashed,
based on the way they speak and the costumes that they wear.
Take into count that these people were raised in a different
enviroment then us.
They had no outside influence, they are educated by the way
the bible as it is interperted by on man (aka. the prophet).
They have a strict code of ethics and structure of life.
(in my opinion) yes, they are simular to robots but in a way
that children would have an institutional up-bringing.
for example: your daily (24hour day) get up, get dressed,
eat breakfast, brush your teath and wash your face.
Then you are taken to another place for church and worship.
Then you are taken to another place for school where you learn about the bible,
what is expected of you as a girl/boy (rules,behavior)and the history of your culture,
and your basic education, read,write, math.
Last you learn trade , for girls you learn how to sew, clean, cook, and your basic
women responsebilities.
For the boys you learn how to build, farm, economic(bills etc.), and your basic men responsebilities.
Their education is not as our education is, they do not have the options of different educational opertunity as we get.
They only get to learn what is need for the way their cultural life requires.
after, you return to your home where you do your chores, then you eat your supper, take a bath,
get your bedding clothes on and then wait for bedtime (say your prayers before you go to sleep).
you do this everyday structuraly.
As a mother your responsebilities, is your children and taken care of your household and husband.
this is all they know, and as I said before they have no outside influence since birth to tell them what
other options and choices they have like what we do/have.

But on the lighter side(silver lining), there are no divorces, cheating on spouses, renigade/delinquent children
drugs problems, alchohol problems.
Take a look at our world , children killing children (schools), children disrespecting elders, children with drug and alchohol problems, men beating there wives and children, husbands killing their wives (vise-versa).
Mothers and fathers to busy with work and other things (drugs and alchohol) and not taken care of their parental responsebilities. Violence in families, children on their on to defend for themselves.
and the last note: this is a culture based on a religion branched from the mormans(lds).
Until the hoax caller none new much about the polygamist(flds)ranch.
They kept to themselves, they didn’t interfer with the outside world. There way of life didn’t influence anyone outside there compound. In the world of the bible yes, girls at the age of 13yrs+ did marry, arranged marriages were also common,
men had more then 1 wife.
I don’t believe in child abuse, sexual,mental,or physical. but if a girl (according to their religion) gets married and the age of 13yr+ to a man no matter if he is 13yrs or 40yrs and has marrital sex is it still wrong. According to usa laws yes! but in some european or other countries laws it’s not.
Usa has pushed themseslves and their ways upon the world in asia they started interfering in the muslem,islamic, culture (women). The usa has their hands (influence) in almost every culture of the world.
What is next, we start attacking the Amish.
So I ask, "if a group of people do not live the way we live or think the way we think, are they brainwashed, or does the lack of opertunity of a more expanded education make them seem brainwashed?
I did not state that the way they live was great or better I also did not make any statment on how they treated the children my Q? was "if they are brainwashed or just not educated like us" the enviroment that they were raised could be construde as reasons they seem to talk like they are brainwashed.
and as for the child abuse yes maybe there are some people there that abuse children but there maybe others there that do not just as in the usa there are people in our communities that have abused children etc. but does that make the community as a whole bad. I lived in my community for 10 years and found out last year of a family, a man three doors from me abused sexually and physically his to daughters look in your bible: "the story of lot" when abram asked God "if you find 10 good people will you spare the town" (not quoted word for word)
that quote ment "not to crusify all the people for the ones that did the wrong"

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