When are women going to learn to accept their men ?

Why can’t women accept that men have different "needs" than they do? Women’s lib and Oprah / etc… has done a great deal to enlighten men as to how we need to emotionally connect with our s/o or spouse. That the emotional leads to the physical for women.

Why can’t women accept that men are the opposite? All the "He can’t look at other women, he shouldn’t need porn, but then I shouldn’t have to put out for him just because he wants it." crap is getting really, really old.

Women don’t want their man to look around (or worse yet cheat), but they don’t take care of him at home. Men take more rejection from their wives then they ever put up with on the singles scene.

Women, you want a happy faithful man that will do ANYTHING for you, then put out – regularly and with enthusiam !! He’ll be putty in your hands.

BOTTOM LINE – I’ve never known a man to cheat if his wife or s/o gives him physical attention everyday. A quickie, a helping hand, a BJ, whatever. Feed the need !!
Well Tim – I am married (very happily) for 11+ years…..

Its just funny that the majority of posts from females are telling me how "wrong" I am to state this as so black and white, and that I must not know much about women…..

See its all about THEM. My question is not about what makes THEM want to be intimate, its about women b*tching about men looking and not being faithful, yet withholding affection at home.

Nowhere in my post do I defend or condone men cheating for this or any other reason.

I do, however, find it extremely interesting that while most of the women are ready to tell me how incorrect my post is (in its assumptions), that most of the male replies have been generally agreeable.

The man who gets it routinely at home is happy, doesn’t stray, is focused on the homelife / kids and will do anything for their woman.

Yet – the women (again in general) can only correct and tell me how "wrong" I am instead of accept this as true for MOST men.

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