Married Guys….who need more? What do you think of this.?

*I know everyone is going to freak out over this question and get all heated about it…..but just hear me out. There is no "homewrecking" involved.
Anyways I wanted to know how many married guys out there, honestly fantasize about a younger girl (early 20’s)….doing intimate things with the younger girl and your wife?
*And I don’t think that having 3somes is grounds to call it cheating, since both spouses are involved in the act, and the other female never goes "home" with the husband.
Anyways NO I am not a homewrecker and I am not trying to mess anyone’s marriage up, I’m just curious to know…and because I have never done anything like that, and yes, I admit that I am interested in trying it sometime……? So guys?
~Sorry if I offended anyone…it was not my intention.
I’m sorry but I am not the one who has self-esteem issues lol…it has nothing to do with self-esteem ladies, really it does not. It’s more of a "fantasy" in case you didn’t grasp that. So if you don’t agree with me, and you think it’s wrong…then DON’T respond to what I write on here! Move on. I don’t need to hear whiners and PMS rags…going on and on about how it’s SOO wrong. I think it’s some of the wives with insecurity and self-esteems issues, because if you were comfortable in your marriage and you had TRUST then you would not get so heated about it, and be all dramatic and paranoid thinking some younger girl will steal your husband, because really that’s what all wives underlying fear is. And hey…if you are not the married couple involved in the act, then shut the hell up…b/c what do you have to worry about?! Quit trippin ladies…you only live once, so live well.

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