Don't you see the disrespect and completely twisted kind of thinking?

So we all try to find the answers, some kind of justification to others actions or even our own. The right and wrong getting all mixed up within each other, bad being good and good being left in the dirt, to justify our own selfish needs or even our own opinions that- yes we have the right to, but are never completely the "right" way of going about things.

When did slapping/hitting or any other kind of somewhat abusive behaviour towards one another become okay? To only prove that no one has the sense of respect, even in a "so called" loving relationship? I am sorry to say… but respect is one of the main things needed in a relationship and without it, then yes, we allow others to treat us like they shouldn’t and justify ourselves to do the same.

And cheating, how sooo many on here have no idea what the difference is or how to decipher what a cheating action would be. And if something that simple can’t be understood, then no wonder most relationships go down the drain or no wonder a lot of cheating people get away with it.

You may be warped into thinking only one out of the emotional or physical would be consider as cheating, but we do that to justify our own wants or ways of getting around it. In the end, doesn’t matter if your significant other only had sex with no attachments or if they completely gave who they are emotionally and intellectually to someone else, they both prove that your significant other doesn’t know how to share themselves with only one person, which in a marriage is how it should be.

You can discount out as many ways or times as you want, it will always be cheating and disingrate a bond with a spouse.
Notice question marks in half of this? And well… what do you think? Do people really live with disrespect and completel ignorance towards physical harm in a relationship and cheating?

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