Why do Baptists have a higher rate of divorce than the average American citizen?



Note that these surveys were taken right around new years in 2000, so the divorce rate may have fluctuated since than, but has likely gotten higher for all. It wouldn’t suprise me if it particularly risen over the past couple years since entering this recession, because economic concerns are often associated with divorce.

Here’s some ideas I want to put out there. Maybe you agree with some? Or don’t? I’m not baptist, nor southern, nor married, nor have I ever been, so I can’t say I have first hand experiences. What are your opinions on this issue though?

*The largest Baptist population in the U.S. is in the South, especially the Deep South, where the rate of membership in the military is highest.

*Because soldiers are often forced to relocate, really without choice, this can cause stress. Many husbands have to leave wives for periods of time. Could lonliness or the wondering of cheating be a reason?

*The younger you are, statistically, the more likely you are to get divorced. For what ever reason it is (Because it serves as more motivation to come home in war?), soldiers also have a tendency to get married at earlier ages. Because they get married at younger ages and may not know their spouses as well or if it’d work, could this be a reason why divorce is more likely down the road?

*Another somewhat common profession for males in the south is cross country truck driving which can also keep you away from home for extended periods of time.

*People with economic problems are more likely to have stress, which can lead to argument over how to handle money. In the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana there tends to be higher rates of poverty and less sound education systems
Because their black? That sounds a little prejudice and vague lol Explain more… How does that make sense? The majority of Baptists in the deep south are still white, because the majority of the states are. I think it’s safe to say that a large proportion of both white’s and black’s in the south are Baptists and representative of this divorce statistic though.
I believe the South consumes roughly 20 percent of the population of the United States, therefore, while ranking proportionally in the top ten for soldiers per household, the average should show that 2 of 10 states should be southern. However, 4 of 10 are shown to be southern (Alabama, South Carolina Virginia, Texas). I know there will be those who dispute Texas as a southern state, but most people actually do consider it to be the south. A poll was taken for Texans, in asking if they consider their state to be apart of the south and 86 percent responded by saying yes. Also, 68 percent of Oklahomans said yes. I don’t know if that’s enough to consider Oklahoma apart of the south, but it’s enough to say they have some influence, such as that the Baptist and evangelical population is higher there than the average state of the U.S.
I don’t know if that is necessarily the best correlation, but it’s just an idea. I know that career military amongst southerners is more common than other areas in the countries because many of the bases are located down there. Plus, to many, it’s something that is done from generation to generation in family.

It really depends where you are, but you can see this in Montana, Alaska and Maine, in that where there tends to be isolation, the work accomodations are not always adequate. The states of Alabama and South Carolina are mostly rural. Therefore, much of their economy is agriculturally based, which, to most, is not profitable, so the prospect of doing 20 years in the military often provides much better benefits (ex. health care, pension, college education).

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