Is all it takes to be *saved* in the Christian faith is to believe in Jesus' and his resurrection, and . . .?

. . . ask Jesus to be your savior?

That’s it, right? So, what if the person who accepts Jesus as their savior and believes in the resurrection also lies daily, occasionally steals from stores & friends, does drugs regularly, cheats on his/her spouse, believes in ghosts, has different kinds of superstitions he/she ascribes to, never reads the Bible, believes in abortion, dumps oil from his/her garage shop into a nearby creek bed, drives recklessly w/out car insurance, and has killed a neighbor’s dog, BUT still believes in Jesus and the resurrection and believes that Jesus is his/her savior . . . now this person is a Christian, right? Because acts of service and good deeds do not count as being a Christian, right? Even being a good responsible citizen doesn’t count as long as someone just accepts Jesus into their heart, right?

I don’t know about you, but for me, this isn’t very logical, nor the person I want to be (or be around, no matter how much Jesus they have inside of them.)

. . . . just wondering what YOU think.

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