Signs of my father cheating on my mom?

At 20 years old, i’ve been away from home at college for the past few years. Due to a few financial issues i’ve been forced to stay here for this semester as i try to save up enough to transfer in the spring.

However…i’ve noticed a few shady things that i’m beginning to think may be more than just my own skepticisim. Anyhow, my dad/mom have been married for about 25 years, both in their mid 40’s, but my dad’s slept downstairs now for about 6 months straight. ("she’s just tired and it’s better for us") Was always the excuse. However, i haven’t heard my dad tell my mom he loves her…roses, kisses, you look beautiful, nothing for 6 months st8 while i’ve been home. He works a job from 2-12 am and my mom works from 9 am to about 7. so they never see each other. I would think as a husband you would care more about your wife, and treat her as your wife not a work partner just to make money. any thoughts?

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