How many times and for how long do you need to be cheated on before you throw in the towel?

When I see all these people saying "oh, you can work through it" re. affairs and cheating, I wonder how many times and for how long do they need to be cheated on before the light bulb comes on and they finally realize their spouse isn’t in love with them, does not truly respect them, and is never going to be faithful to them. I see people making excuses (ie. it’s better to raise children in a home where parents are living a lie together as opposed to raising them in an honest home on your own…which I think is rubbish because I’m sure one honest parent is better than two where one disrespects the other by lying to them and cheating on them on an going basis…and, of course, in the end the kids do find out…so staying together doesn’t really shield them at all). I wonder if it’s because people are afaid of being on their own? Or is it because they don’t want their friends and family to know their marriage that looks good from the outside has a serious fissure in it? Or what exactly??? And how many times, and for how long, does a person need to be cheated on before the finally throw in the towel?

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