why do peeps in relationships cheat on eachother?

It esp seems so prevalent today than a century ago as well. Why is that? And do men in relationships cheat more or women? All the girls and guys I know, mostly just the men cheat on their wives, girlfriends, etc. The women I know at least are very faithful. And I don’t understand why someone would cheat when they are in a relationship to begin with? I doubt they’d appreciate karma biting them back in the ***? So why is it so prevalent still? I thought that when you choose to be in a relationship, well it’s obviously free will therefore being your choice to be commited to that person. So if you choose to make that commitment, why would you fail it? If you’re not happy in a relationship, claim it and break it off instead of cheat. So funny how the peeps that cheat get soooo offended if their spouse ever brings up the fairness game of if you can brake thatcommitment , well so can I. If you want to be a swinger, well claim it so no one is disrespecting and going behind someone’s back. I just don’t understand, please explain?

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