what is the purpose of making promises?

for example a spouse they promise never to cheat on you, blah blah blah, then in the first chance they get boom there goes the promise. not only in marriages in other things to. how hard is it to keep a promise, or if you know you are weak, why make one who are you supposed to be fooling, besides your partner, friend, etc… why can people just be honest, instead they hide in a so called promise. and no i’m not perfect, and i haven’t been cheated on, hopefully :0 not. but i too have been promised lots of things like love loyalty, but every one here who have been cheated on had that promised made to them right? bet they no longer believe in promises, do you believe in them, can you keep your word?
to be more specific, when you marry someone you promise never to be disloyal to them right? well no mlatter the cicumstances thye should of being honest with you, before they went and sleep with someone else. that is what real love is all about, being honest, sometimes truth hurts, but you get through it, and at least you know he /she respected you enough not take you for a dumb @ss.

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