Question FOR MEN regarding how men avoid admitting to cheating.?

If a wife accused a man of cheating based on many facts that were pointing in that direction. Would a man hesitate for weeks on answering and then decide to admit that he only had sexual thoughts about the other woman just so he wouldn’t have to admit the actual act of sex? Is that how men clear their conscience enough to feel better or could it actually be true that all the cheating signs are there yet it really was all just in his head….for a year….including telling the other woman I love you. Thanks!
The situation involves a single coworker. He first would only admit to being friends with her and having "best friend" type feelings for her yet I kept asking him why then he hid his relationship with her from me. He then said (weeks later) that he really didn’t have feelings for her but that he had alot of sexual thoughts about her…but nothing unusual…just what it would be like to have sex with her, get a bj, etc.
TO KEVIN R ~ your response is too funny! "thought police"? PUH-LEEZE! If I suspect my man of cheating, and I ask him, IIIIIIIII cannot control what he tells me. I know all people have thoughts, I could care less. But if you read my whole story you would see that he obviously had more with someone that I did not know since he was telling her he loved her. I was only asking if men would admit to sexual thoughts just to relieve their conscience and not outright admit to cheating. Thought police, privacy…..that’s funny stuff there.

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