Do you think it is possible for a husband to cheat even if most women do not find him attractive?

Let me expand on this. I fell in love with this great man. I find him to be very wonderful and thus I see the beauty on the inside. However, I know he is not found attractive by most women. A person knows when the opposite sex finds their spouse attractive or not. So should I think it is safe to say he will not stray?

1 What profession are you both in? * Me professor/him a dean
2 How long did you date prior to marriage? *4 years
3 First marriage? *yes
4 What age for both at marriage? * me 31/him 35
5 How many years married? 2
6 Happily married? * I think so

Please answer the title question thoroughly and the 6 questions as a list. Remember that I can only see as much as you write. Please be generous with your answers. You can share your story or someone else’s.

Thank you

Disclaimer: I will not accept insults directed towards me or my question. This is a serious question and I need advice. Please be an adult about this.

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