I talked to my bio dad and step dad tonight and one left in tears, ….which was it?…..?

okay well if you know anything about my other questions you know the story adn can skip teh next paragraph, if you dont know my story you might wanna read it.

okay my step-dad has raised me since i was born and my bio dad has played a very small role and point is i want to be closer to my bio dad but i feel i am wrong by favoring my step-dad whos always been there and when he found out i wasnt his he staryed with my mom anyway (even though my mom and bio dad both cheated on their spouses to conceive me)

okay well i talked to my dads tonight and i told my bio dad this:
"i love you even though you never show that back to me and if you dont want me in your life fine but tell me so if thats what you want i can get closer to my step-dad (i used my step-dads name cause a.) he was there and b.) on here i dont wanna use my parents names) because i need a dad whos gonna be there."

i told my step-dad this:
" you know i love you and i see how hard you try for me and it means so much, but i feel like you and mom try to keep my out of my dads life and i need to know where you stand so we all can agree."

then my step-dad started crying got up and walked out and he wont come out of his man cave AKA our basement and talk to me about it.

what do i do now and how should i go about fixing this?

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