What would you do in these two scenarios?

Its not as long as it seems! please read the scenarios and choose if you would do A>B>C>D. Thank you!

Scenario 1: It is three days before your wedding, and your fiance just had their bachellor/ette party last night. You come accross their cell phone see pictures and realize that the party got WAY out of hand. They had a stripper there and to put it simply it, went beyond touching. Its obvious that some sexual acts were performed. Horrified you:

A. Still marry him/her and try to ignore the photos and what happened, knowing you put so much work and money into the wedding just to cancel it 3 days before.
B. Talk to him/her and know that you love them and will marry them either way and hope that nothing like this would happen again.
C. Talk to him/her and realize that you cant marry someone who did this to you 3 days before your wedding and call the marriage off to think about the situation more.
D. Throw the ring at them and yell how much you are hurt and call the marriage off because they cheated on you.

Scenario 2: Lets say that you are a best friend to the groom/bride, and you run accross some pictures of the wild bachelor/ette party that their future spouse had (again, the photos are very wild, where sexual acts were performed etc). Would you:

A. Its not your business but theirs, and since you dont like to meddle in others personal issues, so you decided to ignore it and hope for the best.
B. Try to hint for them to talk to their spouse about it but not say what happened. Maybe they might get what happened, and I dont want to get too deeply in their personal matters.
C. Blatantly tell them what their future husband/wife did at their bachelor/ette party knowing they would want to think about marrying someone who cheated on them.

So what would you do? 🙂
To Myth Und: First of all I am not getting married and this didnt happen to me. I was just curious what others would do. Second, Isolated or not, If my fiance or friends fiance had sex with a stripper than I sure as hell wouldnt marry him. People who just let it go end up being walked over and would end up in a divorce. But thanks for your input 🙂

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