When you say you trust your SO 100%, do you really?

I know Im going to get mixed reactions on this but here goes. For those of you who say you 100% trust your spouse, do you really? I mean.. when it comes down to it and your spouse is out partying with the boys.. do bad thoughts ever cross your mind? My Fiance is in FL right now for tech school for the air force. He spends his weekends partying with all of his new single friends. None of them are married, have children or even have a girlfriend. Andrew and I have a daughter together. He basically ingores me all weekend long but expects me to be okay with that. When I try to talk to him about it I get responses of "Im sorry" "I love you". That just doesn’t cut it for me. To top it off, a friend of mine whos husband is there with him (we met through our spouses and we text/talk online).. posted pictures from her weekend down there where they are all partying. When I asked about who the girls were in the pictures, he said they were girls from his class. I don’t know what to think. I don’t think that he would ever cheat on me but how would you feel if you were in my shoes? It doesn’t help that Im so self concious of my body now that Ive had a baby. And that my emotions are all over the place. He’s going to be texting me on his lunch break (I think) and Im not sure how to respond. Do I just leave the issue alone, or keep pushing it until I get some answers.

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