Lazy, Cheating wife – would should I do!?

Hi, I am 25 and have been married for 5 years to a women i thought i knew and loved, we met when we where 16 and have 2 children. I came from a tough incity background and she came from a quite town and was a bit "wild" to say the least I have always strived to be a provider and she has never had to work and we dont claim any benefits as i have worked my ass off to get the lifestyle I wanted for my wife and children – I didnt even complete highschool and now earn twice the UK avarage wage!

She has cheated on me 3-4times that i know of and recently we split after she snogged a guy I hated at a wedding and hooked up with a guy on a night out and i caught her calling him for 8hrs aday while i was at work. we split and she met someone straight away (within a month) and moved him in to our house (i have moved out at this point) he had no job and didnt do anything around the house at all, she still texts this guy and while we where split i would come to collect the kids and she would come downstairs with that "just been done" look while the kids are downstairs doing what they want.

This new relationship didnt work and I came back to her and things where great for a few weeks and now she does nothing around the house again plays mmorpg’s for 670hrs in 3months (xfire confirms this) and i even cleared the debts her and new guy built up! I work 50hrs a week and spent alot of time around the country as thats what my job requires, all the things she has said and done while we where split makes me angry and i just go for a drive to chill out, i dont get angry or show anger in front of her or the children – i have spoken to her and she knows how i feel.

both our kids are at school so during the day she does nothing around the house and plays MMO’s all day and along with this she hides her phone and goes MENTAL if i even go near it! she even went to the length of sleeping with it tucked into her underwear! I signed her up to a uni course and payed the fees she didnt even go on the first day! obviously I dont let this stuff just go and I do try and talk to her but it just ends in a screaming battle wih nothing productive said and the point of the arguement completely steered away from by her.

I love this girl, shes very attractive and is a good mum to my children but I want love and affection back and not to have to nag at her to do simple tasks! I pay everything and even at weekends do all the housework that she hasnt done during the week just so my children can live in a safe house.

I am very tempted to just leave, I was happier away from her and lived a very nice lifestyle while still paying her above the CSA rates for our children (which she blew on new bf and crap – and still made me buy everything for the children at weekends (clothes toys, food, trips way)

what should i do..!
Thanks all, I know she is a drain on me and the more I think about situations we have been in the more it makes sense that she sticks with me for an easy ride. She constantly thinks im cheating on her as payback (been tempted dont get me wrong!) but eye for an eye and I like the moral highground its nice up here 😉

*SIGH* Why do others want to destroy your life for! why marry me to just destroy me – surely to say "I do" infront in all our friends and family means more then just a cheap fling and screwing over your partner! guess not!

After Christmas Im out, screw it!

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