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Everyone has a dream in life, what’s yours? From the time that the first pilgrim imagined what America would be like, people have had a vision of how they want their future to turn out. This vision, often refered to as the American Dream, has been altered throughout history to revolve aroud materialism. Evidence of this can be found in many works of literature, such as Of Plymouth Plantation, Poor Richards Almanac, The Great Gatsby, and Death of a Salesman.
In Of Plymouth Plantation and Poor Richards Almanac, we can see some of the earlist forms of the American Dream. William Bradford tells of when the Pilgrims came to America in Of Plymouth Plantation. In these days the pilgrims were thrilled to come to America because it meant freedom and the opportunity. The pilgrims came from a very controlling government and were thankful to be coming to a place were they could start their own society. Poor Richards Almanac also shows us that the American Dream used to be about working hard to be sucessful. Back when our grandparents were growing up, people didn’t care about what kind of car they were driving or how expensive their clothing was, back then their dreams were much different. They wanted a decent job that paid enough money to feed and care for their famlies.
Yet as The Great Gasby and Death of a Salesman show us, times have changed and so has the American Dream. The Great Gasby is a classic American novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is about life in the 1920’s and throughout the story we find the characters being consumed my materialism. One of the main characters named Gatsby becomes very rich and popular just to impress a girl from his past. Many of the charaters are being unfaithful to their spouses and drawn to other realationships because of money. In this mess of cheating, money, and popularity three peple end up dead and it could have all been prevented if they would have just stopped to see how wrong their lives were. Death of a Salesman, a play by Aurthur Miller, also provides evidence of how the American Dream has become less about working hard, and more about money and popularity. Throughout the play we see how the main character’s life is falling apart. Willy Loman is 63-year-old salsman in Brooklyn struggling to keep his job. Willy pretends to be one of the most sucessful salesmen is New York. He says that if you were to walk down any street in America and say his name, everyone would know who you were talking about. However, in reality Willy is a failure and isn’t even being paid a salary for working anymore. All Willy wants is for his sons to be sucessful; he even tells them that all it takes to be sucessful is popularity and good looks.
As time has gone by, it is very apparent that the American dream has changed. The meaning of this dream is different to everyone, but as a society, we have changed our vision to revolve around wealth and materialistic goods. The American dream should really be about working hard to get where you want to be in life and not letting materialistic things get in the way of a true goal. What ever your American Dream is, remember that only you can make it come true.
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