What did you do after you found out your husband/wife cheated on you? Where are you today?

We were married 11 yrs, together 13. We went through it all. Then I find out he is meeting women on porn sites/dating sites, texting them, calling them and even having sex with them and has been doing so at least two years.

Obviously the marriage is over. My life will never be the same. I don’t believe much of anything he says these days. Everything I ever thought is upside down. He is begging for a chance to make it all right. I figure I would have to be the world’s biggest idiot if I ever trusted him one second again and am saying NEVER. What did YOU do when you found out your spouse was a loser? How are you now? I am 40! I can’t believe this is my Jerry Springer life. It really is just amazing.

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