"7 Deadly Sins" an original RHH Section piece?

Original piece written to the acoustic version of Thugz Mansion by Tupac ft. Nas. by myself, Ant, Biscuits, Makaveli, & Ms Brown. incorporating the 7 deadly sins into a song, instrumental below if u’d like to listen to it as u read..any feedback welcome

Thoughts of another woman in his head, in his bed
Neglegence towards the queen he wed, no love was shed
Threats of leaving her were never met, and so he crept
Stabs in her back she fret, but all remained was a man’s regrets
Lust had got him weepin, he sinkin in the deep end
His own tears, affairs on the horizon he was seeking
Nasty dreams, lethal images handily imposed
But as predicted, out of the concrete would come a rose
And so, he chose to propose not to cheat again
To calm him down, he opted to go see a friend
They meet, take a seat, start talkin and eat
He sees his friends wife cookin, dressed down all neat from head to
He starts braggin on his wife, tries to compare and compete
Green with envy, of how strong their relationship is now
Jealous of their wealth, he arose fast and ran to his friends spouse
Then ripped tha necklace out of her blouse and stormed out of the

White pearls cover the palm of his hand, white, green
Colors that he seeing, not believing this is his reason for being
A thief, liar, adulterer, choosing many women over her
The lust and envy is no longer a blur
Eyes wide shut, gluttony’s one of the two bad feelings in his gut,
The other piercing, now he wishing, praying on his knees but for what
Wishes he aint do it, realizes that he was stupid
He knows that if he pursue it maybe he can get through it
Wants to stop, but doesn’t know if he’s strong enough
And the greed consumes himself, now he’s makin stories up
Attempts to explain, that all his sin causes him pain
Taking what’s not his, and as he runs out into the rain
Water fallin from the skies, just water fallin from his eyes,
A now blurry vision denies the path to his demise
But what he lost, friendly relations, and thoughtful conversations
Damaged reputations, somber mood; a heart pacin

I’m the reason that you run the streets and pack heat
You never back down from beef and don’t let these cats eat
Cause you know their all sweet and I consent your conceit
So you can rise above all others and not see defeat
With me you think you’re the epitome
Of all men and you’re too proud to get rid of me
And I make you cynical
By boosting your confidence and ego you think you’re the pinnacle
Ridiculed inside the wrath of the past and aftermath
Attack ex-lovers, axed and wrapped in cover
Jealousy worn on his sleeve, and envy somewhere beneath
The the greed, the need to thieve, He found relief
Murderin her thoughts, a legal genocide
Propped on that project bench, where his vengeance died
No pearls were returned, just a heaven ready kid
Regrets all he did, what he hid, Seven Deadly Sins

Copyright © How To Catch a Cheater