Should I tell his wife about him cheating with my wife?

About a year ago my wife cheated with a guy twice, I found out about this recently and we have just divorced (no this was not the only reason believe me…).
I would really like to tell the guy’s wife what a scumbag he is – not only was he well aware that my wife was married, but he is also married and with a brand new baby at the time. As recently as a month ago he was still persistently sending my wife emails wanting to sleep with her again.
I looked at some answers on here to very similar questions and the general advice was that a) telling the wife would only hurt her, b) she will find out sometime anyway, and c) it’s only my desire for revenge that makes me want her to know, which is not constructive. However, I did come across one answer which pointed out, that if the guy gets away with it he will just do it again, and somewhere out there somebody else will get hurt like I did. I have it on good authority that this guy is the worst kind of playboy you can imagine, and he is not likely to ever quit cheating. I have no doubt he is constantly chasing many women all the time, and sooner or later he will cause another case like mine. Add to that the fact that he was still trying to get my wife just a few weeks ago, and I figure his wife has a right to know.
So in this scenario, I can persuade myself that telling her might actually be constructive… or is this still just my revenge-instinct winning over?

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