Yes – I had dan affair – almost 3 months ago it ended. We did?

not sleep together but had a very emotional affair as we were both having difficulties in our marriage by lack of attention from our spouses. I have been constantly harrassed by the man’s wife which is understandable (because he blamed me for everything and she believed him even if he has cheated on her MAAAANNNY times before that she knows of), but it got to the point where I had to go to the police for help. She was constantly at my office, waiting outside the shop sitting in her car and watching me, sending me rude e-mails and texts and even taking photo’s of my car. My husband on the other hand wasn’t this immature, spoke to the man once, told him to leave me alone and he has never given them ANY problems whatsoever. I have proven my remorse to the man’s wife over and over again. When everything got to much my husband stepped in again and everything stopped – until today. Now I work in the property business and run the office. One of our agents sold one this man’s units over the weekend, so as always I sent out a congratulations e-mail to Purchaser and Seller etc. It included all but 6 people involved (and the whole e-mail was professional). I then get an e-mail from the mans wife’s mother as follows: Please do not email us or have any contact with us whatsoever. We do not wish to see you or your name ever again. I think you will understand how distasteful we find you." My husband then phoned the mother’s husband (the man I had the affair with’s father in law) and told him what happened. He then phoned me and apologized on behalf of his wife as he said they are taking it too far.

Goodness, I was not bothering them just sending an e-mail. I thought everyone was past this already. I wish she could just know the whole truth and what a slimeball her son in law is. Should I reply to her or not? If so, what must I say? I have had ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

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