i caught my wife cheating on me about a year ago…how do i learn to trust/love her again?

about two years ago, i caught my girlfriend, whom is now my wife in bed with another man. i was devistated because my girlfriend, whom is also the mother of my daughter, was the sweetest, kindest person i have ever meet. i never expected my wife to cheat on me because i didnt think it was in her nature. after i caught her cheating i broke up with her for several weeks, but due to the fact that i had a daughter with her i took her back. thing have never been the same. i have trouble showing her my emotions and i dont tell her i love her. i know she is sorry and wishes she never did it but i have been having a difficult time forgiving her. now i find myself cheating on her with several hot females. i feel bad afterwords but it dosent seem to make me stop. most of the time i dont even enjoy myself. i care about my wife but i dont love her anymore. i think about leaving her but i cant see myself with anyone else. i also cant imagine my daughter being raised by another man. is it hopeless?

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