I Want Put Cameras To Spy on My Wife, I Think My Wife Is Cheating?

I have been through 2 divorces the first one ended ‘cause my first wife cheating on my while I was deployed and spent all my money on drugs and on other men. My second marriage lasted only 5 months and she also cheated on me. Now I’m in my third marriage and to say the least my wife is too good for me that’s what everyone says including my family she is highly educated has a good job she is sweet heart and she is extremely beautiful and she is 12 years younger than me. She used to be so in love with me and send me sweet emails while I’m at work or deployed till I told her that she is too clingy and that I was sick of it. The problem is that I’m unsecure and I feel she will leave me for better man and I treat her bad I don’t help her with house work even though she works more hours than me and of course makes about 10K a mo 3 times what I make. Now I feel she is distance and she doesn’t love me she never calls me while I’m at work or emails me. She gives all her attention to her career and our 2 year old baby. She even told me that she doesn’t want go with me to visit my 12 year old daughter from my first marriage ‘cause she doesn’t want take time off and she doesn’t want our 2 year old to travel h hr long distance. She always went with me and took our child even when he was much younger. I tried to discuss with her about my 12 year old needing braces, buying car for her sweet 16 and her college and she told me that’s a talk you and her mother should have. What does all these mean what should I do? Do you think she is cheating since she is I’m 36 and she is 24. My daughters mother doesn’t work thats why I asked my wife about my daughters future. I’m always right and I do think she is bussy with someone else.

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