Is this a bad sign? My wife and I have been married for a little over a year and it feels like we've been …

married a little over ten. We married pretty young, me 23 and she 25. We were dating for almost 4 years and lived together a little over 2. It seems like she’s changed lately, like she’s searching for independence from me. We had plans for kids, she has put them off. We had plans for a house, she wants to wait now. I don’t see the drive for her to want to communicate as much. While dating and when we first got married we were having sex a few times per month. Now, it’s once a month. (no kids) I recently had an ED issue that was plaguing me for a few months. I looked into a medical answer but it was more b/c of anxiety. She took it the wrong way, regardless of pleads by me, and thought I was cheating. (absolutely am not) I think it’s fixed now but no way of knowing with once/month.

Wasn’t relationship-experienced before her. Sometimes I think I’m over-reacting. Am I? Is any of this my fault? Having not really sown my oats I feel conflicted at times and want this to stop and us to wrk
she’s made comments that she doesn’t wanna be in the same predicament as before…what does that mean?

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