I have a feeling my wife is cheating on me, but have no real proof. I am affraid asking her may cause problems

My wife and I are having sex less and less often it seems. Lately there’s always been some sort of excuse, either she’s too tired, sick, or not in the mood. (Or it’s the time of month for her.) We have 3 kids and she’s always been more sexually active in the past. She never seems to want to cuddle or anything. I have my suspicions that she may be with someone else, but I want to believe she is not and trust her. Plus if I am wrong and I ask her, it may cause problems I am affraid. I’ve been cheated on before in previous relationships and there are some similar signs, but it may just be a coincidence. She works really late hours over the last month and it almost seems like she is happier at work than at home. But I could be wrong. We haven’t had decent sex since I dont know when, and last time we even did it she just laid there pretty much and did not really reciprocate any thing. She claims she likes being submissive, but I dont know. Any opinions on this subject would be great.

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